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Empowering Business through Proptech

  Yabonza CEO Mark Trowell joins host Grace Ormsby on this episode of The Smart Property Investment Show to discuss how technology can be harnessed to add value to landlords and tenants.

Compliance corner with Simon Kinsey - COVID-19

What does COVID-19 mean for me? Today we take a brief look at the financial implications and legislation around COVID-19 for Landlords and Tenants

Top Five Recent Reads

With so much happening across the country Simon Kinsey shares his top five reads to keep you up to date.  At yabonza we're privileged to be managing properties all across Australia and for me this means understanding each states legislation and their respective points of difference. Right now there are a wide range of rental rental reforms being proposed and enacted in states…



Ah that old chestnut In all our years individual and combined experience - we are continually bombarded with discount offers across a range of services, products, medicines, fast cars, luxury this and luxury that - all of which is meant to improve our quality of life. We have one core focus at yabonza. Our primary objective is to maximise the return on investment for our…


Compliance corner with Simon Kinsey - Breaking a lease

There are times when a tenant or a landlord want to break a fixed term lease early. Today we take a brief look at the financial implications and the time frames around this.

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Mark Trowell chats to the team at Smart Property Investment

Our CEO and Founder Mark Trowell sits down with Alex Whitlock at Smart Property Investment to talk about why he invested in property and reveals what he looks for when purchasing an investment property. 

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Ending a contract with your property manager

Compliance corner with Simon Kinsey.  As a landlord you will definitely have had to break up with a few property managers or if you haven't yet the chances are you will. 


Compliance corner with Simon Kinsey

Top seven compliance considerations to look out for when managing property in different states.  From smoke alarms to balconies, staircases to windows and swimming pools to fixtures, compliance is a critical component of effective property management. 


Reverse engineering... Thinking smarter

Across the past 20 + years, as an expert originating in Financial Services, with a specialised focus on wealth through property, I have a lot of stories I can share.   Knowing my purpose is to turn up as the best possible version of myself, and that this may inspire and motivate others to do the same ..... it causes me to question my views and philosophy on what does 'best'…

What is proptech

Proptech – What Is It and Why Should You Care?

Innovative technologies are overtaking different industries, and property is no different. This trend will only continue to grow with time, meaning property investors and landlords need to pay attention. In recent years, you might have noticed a new term that’s started making the rounds. Proptech. Even though it’s picked up a fair bit of steam, there is still quite a lot of…