7 Property Management Insights for Owners with multiple properties

7 Property Management Insights for Owners with Multiple Properties

If you own multiple investment properties, managing them effectively is crucial to maximising your return on investment (ROI) and cash flow. We wrote this eBook to give you insights on how you can manage your multiple property investments plus relevant cost control vs DIY and other small tips.

Top 15 Most common landlord-tenant conflicts – and how to avoid or resolve them.

Landlord-tenant conflict is unfortunately a problem that’s too common. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Good relationships between with your asset’s manager and your tenants will increase both the income-earning and capital-growth potential of your investment property.

Top 15 Insights to Keep Your Tenants Long-Term and Happy

Finding good quality tenants and keeping them long-term is the best way to maximise the income-earning potential of your investment property. It is one of the main ways to increase your ROI (Return On Investment).


Property vs Shares - How to Think About Your Property's Management in a New Age of Technology

The age-old question. We wrote this eBook to help you think about this question better. To help you understand how property investment is changing and how new PropTech tools are helping investors manage their portfolios like never before.


How to Reduce Your Queensland Investment Property Management Fees

Queensland investment property management fees are currently among the highest in Australia. This eBook has been specifically written for investors in Queensland property who are tired of paying some of the nation’s highest fees.


Top 16 Tips for Successfully Renting Your Investment Property

It’s crucial to find a good tenant (or tenants) for an investment property so that you can maximise its income-earning potential. We wrote this eBook to help you find better tenants, faster!


15 Questions Every Landlord Should Ask Their Property Manager

Unfortunately, poor quality service is the most common complaint made by landlords about property managers. We wrote this eBook to give you a detailed list of questions to ask your current (or prospective) property manager, plus how to think about the answers.


How PropTech is revolutionising Property Management: Top 10 landlord benefits and reasons to switch

For too long both landlords and tenants have had to contend with a real estate management industry that has been some combination of unresponsive, apathetic and generally too expensive. This eBook explains how new, innovative Australian companies are changing this landscape for the benefit of both landlords and tenants. Putting more money back in the pocket of landlords while…