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Managing a Property in a Different State (or Country) – 6 Tips Landlords Should Know

Owning a rental property in a different state can be a very lucrative proposal. But, managing it will be more challenging. Still, this is perfectly doable, provided you have the right strategy. A rental property can be an amazing source of passive income. That’s what makes it such an appealing investment opportunity. However, finding that perfect investment takes a lot of…

Why the old way of rental property management is dead

Why the Old Way of Rental Property Management is Dead

The old way of rental property management is set for a shakeup.


Three essentials for maintaining upbeats tenants

Every landlord wants great tenants.


Four property add on's that attract better tenants


Professional Home Watch Property Services


Functions of Real Estate Management - How to Run a Credit Check on Tenants

  One of the important functions of real estate management is for landlords to determine whether a new tenant will pay the rent on time is to run a credit check.


7 Mistakes Property Investors Should Avoid When Attracting High-Quality Tenants

Tenants who pay on time, stay for many years and maintain real estate rental properties as if it were their own are what every property investor looks for when renting out their investment property.

Property manager handing over keys

Seven Ways Rental Property Management Companies Can Attract the Perfect Tenant and Keep Them Happy

Attracting long-term tenants requires rental property management companies to think beyond offering a neat and well presented place to stay.


3 Little Things That Property Managers Often Overlook During Tenant Checks

What’s the secret to finding great tenants?


Choosing a Location That Attracts Great Tenants

You want great tenants.