Ah that old chestnut

In all our years individual and combined experience - we are continually bombarded with discount offers across a range of services, products, medicines, fast cars, luxury this and luxury that - all of which is meant to improve our quality of life. We have one core focus at yabonza.

Our primary objective is to maximise the return on investment for our investor and landlord clients. It’s just not that difficult!

The issue with the traditional property management world, and the online approach, or even the DIY managers out there - is like going down a rabbit hole. There is not one single issue. There are several to unpack, and often it’s not until your’e down the path, that you realise you’ve lost your way. You’ve become conditioned to accepting a mediocre performance on your property investment. This does not support the reason or the intention of why you originally decided to invest in property.

When was the last time your property manager said to you - “I’ll have our triage team have a look at why the tap is leaking or why the power’s gone out before we charge you $99 for an electrician or plumber to go out and tell us, and then another $300 to fix the problem”

When was the last time your property manager said to you - “we’ll give you the rent the minute it's received - which can save you $'000s on your interest when it sits in an off-set account instead of a Trust account"

Have you ever heard of a property manager, that works with your accountant to streamline and deliver your best possible Tax Planning or ATO requirements …… well, you have now!

The yabonza team are a collection of experts in their field.
We live in the same world as you, and often share the same experience of information overload. Information flows at us today, at a rate many of us have never experienced. Due to the rate we are bombarded with an offer on this, we’ll beat the price on that, and so on …. we are often not given the time or space to digest and understand the bottom line and how that might impact us.

Some lead with a dollar amount (they are just trying to be a little ‘different’ in their marketing, but the service remains fundamentally the same). Some lead with a percentage. We lead with the best!

Through a single asset manager for your portfolio, who is fully integrated across your dashboard and the improved performance of your property investment - the comparison table below completely demystifies and clarifies where the pricing and value sits with yabonza, it also highlights where you may be missing out or lacking value for money with your current property manager. 

If you would like to understand how our pricing and value will positively impact on your properties performance, please do not hesitate to contact me on or mobile 0418 444 040 or 1300 798 030.


Yabonza Comparison

Based on an average rental return of $500 per week

SERVICE Traditional
Local Agent
Online/Web based
Property Management
Property Management (including Leasing/Routine Inspections/OFI, Maintenance, Rent Collection)
Service Areas Local Only Local/State Only National + UK
Management Fee 5% - 11% plus GST
plus costs
$80 - $100 per month
plus GST plus costs
3.9% incl GST
Leasing Fee
(including Professional Photography) 
1 to 2 weeks rent Approx. $500 $850 incl GST
Leasing Marketing $250 Approx. $500 Included
One Asset Manager (regardless of location or size of portfolio) - -
A team of experts working on your account (Repairs and Maintenance, Leasing, Onboarding, Accounts) - -
24/7 Landlord Access -
24/7 Tenant Access -
Annual Portfolio Performance Review - -
Immediate Rent (zero Trust Accounting Risk) - -
Cash Savings on Bank Interest $$ - -
Direct Access for Accountant to prepare Tax Refunds - -
Average Total Cost PER ANNUM $ $2050 - $3610 plus GST
plus costs
$1960 - $2200 plus GST
plus costs
$1864 incl GST

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