Four property add on's that attract better tenants


 Sometimes it’s the little things (and those extra features) that attract the best tenants.

Here are four Add-Ons that you should consider investing in to help attract quality tenants to your properties.

Add-On #1 – An Internet Connection

Getting a property hooked up to the web is a hassle that a lot of tenants don’t want to deal with. The process can lead to them spending hours on the phone and having to wait around for days before they get on the web.

That’s not acceptable to many tenants given how important the internet is to modern life.

If you can offer a property that has an existing internet connection, you instantly make your offering more attractive.

Add-On #2 – Security Features

Security is a key concern for tenants so anything that you can offer in this regard is advantageous.

A home alarm system shows that you’re serious about tenant security. You may also equip the property’s entry points with security cameras.

Security features offer you a cost-effective way to draw more attention to your property.

Add-On #3 – Built-In Appliances

Your property’s kitchen is one of its biggest selling points. However, many tenants don’t want to have to invest thousands of dollars into their own appliances.

That’s where having built-in appliances can help. Examples include built-in cookers and refrigeration units. These save tenants money and hassle, which means you attract more interest.

Add-On #4 – Technological Platforms

It’s not just the property itself that great tenants concern themselves with.

They also want to know that they’ll be able to get in touch with you easily if something goes wrong. Unfortunately, the archaic systems that many property managers use make fast communication impossible.

If you can offer access to a technological platform that makes communication easier, you will attract better tenants.

Yabonza is a great example of this sort of platform. Landlords can use the platform to take care of communications and maintenance tasks. This keeps tenants happy and ensures you hear about issues as they arise.

Best of all, the platform only charges a 3.9% management fee.

Use it to show tenants that you’re serious about taking care of their interests.

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