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Across the past 20 + years, as an expert originating in Financial Services, with a specialised focus on wealth through property, I have a lot of stories I can share.
Knowing my purpose is to turn up as the best possible version of myself, and that this may inspire and motivate others to do the same ..... it causes me to question my views and philosophy on what does 'best' really mean.
I started questioning myself recently after some life changes out of my control, on what's next, and how I can integrate all my experience, and everything I know, to support my network and clients around the world?


Craig Wright - Yabonza Property Management

Craig Wright, Head of Sales and Distribution

How can I help to deliver the most efficient and highest performing return on investment from both the strategy and buying decision ( of one single property, or a total portfolio), to maximising the total return on the flip side by re-engineering the way property management works for me and those I work with.  There is no question at all for me ...... yabonza all the way!
Joining the team at yabonza is different! As like minded people, it's so refreshing to be part of the only PropTech platform in Property Management in the world,  as reviewed in KPMG's International Innovation Report just released.   As part of the lead team, and supported by some of the most dynamic and quantum shifts in this space, yabonza has and continues to expand and dominate where others have failed .... or not even tried.
Across the various roles I've held, there have been many hats worn! Some of which include Property Investment Research and Strategic Property Investment advice (B2B and B2C sectors), Property Management at a national level (ASX Listed organisation), direct property development across both small and masterplan style projects with a range of property development organisations.  There has always been a piece missing for me. 
That piece is, the care and responsibility on ensuring the return on mine, and your investment is maximised. This is where we bring together a platform and system of strength already across two (2) countries and 80 suburbs. It's where we bring a relationship based on transparency and effectiveness.  It's why we deliver price effectiveness and improved cash flow to all our customers. 
The jigsaw is complete!  There is a full 360 degree solution .... it's called yabonza.
With a leadership team that view property as a 'true asset', rather than just a bolt on to a local sales agency or a developers own interests, or property manager's who from my experience, are unlikely to even own an investment property - you HAVE TO be thinking smarter on how to improve the performance of your property.
Imagine for a minute..... you have either a single investment property, or a portfolio.  Maybe that portfolio looks like .... an apartment in Brisbane, a Townhouse in Perth, and a dual key in Dubbo (or a property somewhere else in the world). You are dealing with 3 different agents, all who seem to be poor communicators, spend 30% of their time in the car, have Trust accounting risk each month, and often need to 'dig out' the paperwork you're looking for.  I think you get the picture. If you're anything like me or most investors, we're always waiting on info or never receiving the phone call back ... and the list goes on. 
This is what I love about yabonza. This is why I have switched. it's why family and friends, and partners I work with are also joining:
  • You will have ALL your properties (from anywhere in the world) on one single dashboard. You choose, either just view the context of how the portfolio is tracking, or click through to as much detail as you like on each property 24/7 wherever you are in the world. Your dashboard is live and up to date at all times, with as much or as little detail as you want to view.   
  • You will have ALL your properties managed through ONE  Asset Manager, even if those properties are in other parts of the world! No longer waiting for calls back, missing paperwork, or multiple agents who all seem to talk a different language - and no more daylight savings issues!
  • Through your digital wallet - the minute rent is paid it is available to you.  This alone is compelling and something you cannot ignore. Instead of waiting until month end or Trust accounting  to be completed and banked, by utilising your digital wallet - you will save significantly on your finance and interest charges each year, just by this simple, single change to your cash flow
  • Your tax adviser or accountant is going to love you! Every single piece of info they need (even if you have multiple properties) is available with a single CLICK.
  • ALL properties are charged at 3.9% incl GST.
If I was Tim Shaw from Demtel, I'd say something like .... but wait there's more!
Our operators are standing by ....
Demystifying what the property industry wants us to believe, the truth is - there is more!
It's about thinking smarter, creating efficiencies and coming from the property investors point of view. It's about treating your investment with the same respect and intent as when you first purchased it. 
Surely, this is a better way of looking at property management, freeing up more time and dollars to you, and helping relieve some of the hassle? it just is. 
For me personally, I have worked with thousands of property investors around the world. Spending so much time, effort, and money upfront on making the right decision on where or what to buy, and then handing the management of your single property, or a portfolio possibly in the millions of dollars in value, to someone who typically isn't even a property investor - doesn't make sense to me.
I have always wanted the best, and to deliver a full service where property management is the smartest it can be. Ultimately, this way of thinking and being, feeds back into the value of why you chose to invest in property in the first place!!
If you would like to chat with me or any of the team, we'd love to see how we can support you.
Oh, and we love trees. We are paperless.

Craig Wright
Head of Distribution and Sales
Yabonza Smart Property Management

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